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Our Purpose

Midorii was born with the dedication of creating a platform to bridge the communication gap between all individuals making a positive difference. We believe no one initiative can solve all social ills, but a community of vast initiatives has a better chance of touching more lives than some.

Our Platform

We are an online communication facilitation tool for non profit initiatives, sponsors and people. Our platform invites organizations and initiatives to list themselves and their activities under the pillars of “Education”, "Conservation", “Charity”, “Empowerment” and “Health” and facilitates the engagement of people on the platform. We enable users to extend donations, volunteer their time and sponsor a cause.

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Promoting Learning and Development

The "Education" category involves spreading knowledge in our communities. Improving education is one of the key programs we can use to break the cycle of poverty. Organizations in this category would be looking at programs in:

  • Youth Education
  • Adult Skill Development
  • Mentorship

"The goal is to increase knowledge and to create the possibility for people to innovate and discover"


Protecting Life and Natural Resources

The "Conservation" category seeks to build green economic developments, preserve the lives of all animals and fight the extinction of our endangered species. 'Our planet provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed'. Such initiatives would touch on:

  • Environmental Safety
  • Wildlife Welfare
  • Animal Shelters
  • Energy and Resource Conservation

"Healthy ecosystems build healthy communities - building a harmony between life and the land"


Uplifting and Upskilling People

The "Empowerment" category groups together initiatives that are geared towards insuring human rights and developing skills for all members of our communities - men, women and childen. These would be initiatives and organizations tackling:

  • Non-Violence
  • Immigration
  • Skills Development
  • Job Preparation
  • Conservation of Human Rights

"Imparting skills that build confidence and promoting equality by spreading information through connected communities"


Preventing and Relieving Poverty

The "Charity" category describes initiatives that are set up to receive donations and raise funds with the aim of distributing them to those in need:

  • Clothing Donations Drives
  • Food Donations Drives
  • Meal Centers
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Homes For Orphans

"The gift of giving can only be measured by the warmth it gives the heart that receives"


Promoting Mental and Physical Wellness

The "Health" category group of initiatives have an uncompromising focus on achieving measurable postive healthcare impacts in the developing world. They are dedicated to helping limit death and disease by educating communities and assisting with the administering of medical treatments. A few challenges this group would tackle include:

  • Family and Maternal Healthcare
  • Vaccination Awareness and Disease Prevention
  • Mental Health Education
  • HIV and AIDS Education
  • Administering Medical Treatments

"No action is small when it comes to saving lives"

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